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T1 Atak Taximeter has been designed and produced as a new mirror taximeter model that can be easily mounted to any car type with a new model concept of our research and development department by using the European technology. The model, which has been developed by using the most technologically advanced European technology, design and production methods, has the features to meet the needs of any taxi driver. The advantages of our smartly designed T1 mirror taximeter model come into prominence with its stylish design appearance, less space coverage, practical and comfortable use of the driver.

  • Installation in any type of vehicle.
  • Universal mounting for any type of vehicle.
  • Reinstallation in a new vehicle.
  • Simple programming pc software suite with hasp protection for certified dealers.
  • Multiple fares with pre-programming option.
  • Extended shift handling including driver's breaks, taximeter lock and working hours.
  • Supports advanced telematic applications.
  • Supports advanced data management applications (for shift, trip etc.)
  • Connection with pos terminals, printers and variety of peripheral devices.
  • Fiscal applications.


  • Thermal printer / Fiscal Printer Smart Card Reader
  • iButton Key (Drive Memory for shifts, journeys and totals) NFC / RFID
  • Bluetooth
  • Seat Sensor Fully adjustable RS485 BUS for automatic flag start
  • Display (Edited brightness)
  • 6 digits (Travel cost) 1 digit (Tariffs)
  • 4 digits (Extras)
  • LED (For standby indicators, rent, payment, extras, currency, etc.)
  • Memory: Flash memory for receipts, shifts, total and day totals, etc.

Tariff Structure

  • 15 fully independent, programmable and adjustable tariffs
  • Tariff selection: Manual, automatic based on distance and time travel, day, date, day of week, price, and many other options.
  • Programming: PC and Keyboard (taximeter buttons) programming, Handy Programmer (external device)
  • Miscellaneous: Vehicle maximum speed: 250 Km / s. Easy installation.
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